Statement on Michaud’s Deceptive “Lifelong Republican Ad”

Last week Congressman Micheal Michaud’s campaign released a new ad featuring former Democrat donor and state employee Don McCormack under the deceptive narrative of McCormack being a lifetime Republican.


While he may have been registered as a Republican his entire lifetime, he has a history of supporting Democrats including making a more than $2,000 contribution to Tom Allen in his campaign against Sen. Susan Collins in 2008.


Additionally, Mr. McCormack’s motivations for making statements about Governor LePage may have even more to do with other past events than his personal political contributions to a Democrat who opposed Senator Collins.


When General Libby retired, Don McCormack was an applicant for the job of Adjutant General, along with other statutorily qualified personnel.


However, he failed to receive the promotion.
Alex Willette, LePage campaign spokesman:


“It is clear that Michael Michaud is exploiting a disgruntled former state employee just like he and his political bosses exploited a man who is employed to create a false sense of insecurity around unemployment. Michaud continues to have issues with his advertising going all the way back to the first video for his campaign which was edited under the cover of darkness to remove false statements about Maine’s economy.”


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