Governor LePage Receives Key Support In Final Week


 Senator Susan Collins, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Olympia Snowe and President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush


AUGUSTA, ME – Last week Governor Paul LePage received key support from several prominent state and national leaders.


Saturday United States Senator Susan Collins Visited the Blaine House Food Drive:


While at the Blaine House food drive United States Senator Susan Collins donated food and lent her full support to Governor LePage’s re-election.


Senator Collins said this about Governor LePage:


“I like his emphasis on jobs and the economy, That’s clearly the number one issue in the state, and I am very impressed with his leadership on domestic violence. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves for speaking out and establishing a no tolerance rule for domestic violence in our state.”


On Friday Senator Rand Paul Urged Mainers to Support Governor Paul LePage:


In a call recorded by Senator Rand Paul, the Senator highlighted some of the Governors accomplishments and urged voters to get out and vote for Governor LePage.


Transcript of Sen. Rand Paul’s Recorded Call:


“Hi this is Senator Rand Paul, urging you to vote for Governor Paul LePage on Tuesday. I had a chance to visit Maine this year and I saw how hard Governor Paul LePage is working for Maine. Like me, I know your Governor is not a politician, but a real person trying to get things done to improve your state and our country. I am a physician and Governor LePage is a real world business man, he has a proven record in creating jobs. I know he values liberty over big government solutions. This is Senator Rand Paul, please vote Tuesday for Governor Paul LePage.”


On Wednesday Former United State Senator Olympia Snowe Formally Endorsed Governor LePage:


Senator Snowe’s endorsement highlighted Governor LePage’s many accomplishments in office and was delivered to thousands of Mainers in a call on Wednesday.


Transcript of Sen. Olympia Snowe’s Recorded Call:


“This is Olympia Snowe. To continue economic growth in Maine, I am supporting Paul LePage. Under Paul LePage the economy is turning around. Over 22,000 new private sector jobs have been created and wages are up since Governor LePage took office. The unemployment level is the lowest it has been since 2008. Governor LePage is working to end domestic violence, and is supporting our veterans. This is Olympia Snowe, please join me in supporting Governor Paul LePage on Tuesday.”


President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush sent out an endorsement statement:




We love Maine, and care deeply about our family and friends and the hard-working people who live there. We are writing you today because Governor Paul LePage is our kind of get-it-done leader, who we firmly believe is committed to solving the toughest problems facing Mainers.


As we have seen with our own eyes, Paul has a big heart. We especially admire the tenacity with which Paul implemented his plan to pay off the state’s debt to its hospitals, which included both the Dorothy Walker Bush Pavilion at Southern Maine Medical Center as well as the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center.


Paul LePage has done so much for Maine in just four short years, but he’s not finished. That is why we strongly support his bid for four more well-deserved years, and we ask you to join us in supporting “our” governor, Paul LePage, for re-election as well.


First Lady Barbara Bush spoke to Mainers in an ad produced by the RGA:
In the ad the First Lady spoke about the Governors business background, paying off the hospital debt, and even made a joke saying, “Paul is blunt, direct, like me.” Click here for ad.