Senator Olympia Snowe Formally Endorses Paul LePage


Sen. Olympia Snowe’s endorsement and call highlights Governor LePage’s accomplishments in office.

Tonight the LePage campaign will be releasing a call to voters throughout Maine with a message of support from Senator Olympia Snowe.


Alex Willette, LePage campaign spokesman:


“Senator Snowe’s support means so much to the Governor especially coming from a true independent leader both here in Maine and across the nation.”


Transcript of Sen. Olympia Snowe Recorded Call:


“This is Olympia Snowe. To continue economic growth in Maine, I am supporting Paul LePage. Under Paul LePage the economy is turning around. Over 22,000 new private sector jobs have been created and wages are up since Governor LePage took office. The unemployment level is the lowest it has been since 2008. Governor LePage is working to end domestic violence, and is supporting our veterans. This is Olympia Snowe, please join me in supporting Governor Paul LePage on Tuesday.”