Governor Paul LePage understands that our roads and bridges are critical for Maine families in getting to work, making sure our kids travel safely to and from school and for our small businesses to transport their goods to and from market.


With a successful background in business he has prioritized efficiency and a thoughtful approach to Maine’s transportation challenges.


Under his leadership, the state added $104 million to improve our roads and bridges without borrowing.


That’s proof that having a business executive at the help and great appointees running our state government pays off.


He has worked to make sure we have the infrastructure necessary to attract quality companies and create new jobs in Maine.


In addition to doing more with less, the Governor LePage’s administration is also proud of these achievements:


  • Fully funding a program to service and repair 600 miles of what were considered lower priority state roads.
  • Improved efficiency increasing the number of miles in the highway reconstruction fund by 20% while also lowering the cost by 5%.
  • Stretching precious dollars, the number of state highway miles to be improved rose by approximately 90% from 2012 (from 72 miles in 2012 to an estimated 138 miles in 2013), while the average cost per mile was reduced by 30% (from $960,000 per mile to $650,000).
  • Improved the reliability and cost effectiveness for Maine manufacturers to move products overseas through the new Container Feeder Service in the Port of Portland.
  • Reduced the estimated cost of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge replacement between Kittery and Portsmouth by about $12 million.
  • Decreased Department of Transportation overhead rates on parts and supplies from 32% to a projected 15% by privatizing and streamlining payments to vendors.
  • Eliminated duplicative aviation permits to cut red tape.
  • Saved on personnel costs, allowing an extra $9.4 million to be spent on improving infrastructure and building the economy.


Watch this public video from the official Maine DOT to see how the LePage Administration is Working for Maine.