Paul LePage is a businessman who grew businesses by focusing on getting a dollar’s value for every dollar spent.


As our Governor, he has successfully helped make government more efficient.  He has proven actions speak louder than words.


Shortly after taking office he solved a $1.3 billion operating budget shortfall – a hole left in Maine’s budget – with a plan that eliminated gimmicks and prioritized savings.


With strategic appointments Paul cracked down on fraud in state agencies – which led to the Director of the Turnpike Authority ending up in jail.


As a result of his new focus on the bottom line in the Department of Transportation alone they were able to complete more than $100 million of improvements to our roads and bridges without borrowing any additional money.


To help improve the economy and put more money in the pockets of Maine people, Governor LePage created and implemented the largest tax cut in Maine state history.  His tax cut not only has helped create jobs, it cut taxes both up and down the scale giving a hand up to Maine’s working people.  70,000 working Maine people at the lowest ends of the economic spectrum will have their income taxes eliminated starting in the 2013 tax year.   And, while liberal Legislators pushed through a sales tax increase the Governor opposed, his tax cut continues helping the economy and Maine people.


Protecting our senior citizens, Governor LePage stopped the taxes that were being charged on our senior citizen’s meals at nursing homes.  To help families and all Mainers, he ended the automatic yearly gasoline and fuel tax increase.



Paul LePage paid off a nearly $500 million hospital welfare debt left behind by the last Governor in full, with a creative plan that involved no tax increases on taxpayers.  Under his watch Maine’s hospitals, which had layoffs and delayed equipment purchases, are no longer carrying the state’s debt.  And, Governor LePage helped lower Maine’s overall taxpayer debt burden by refusing to issue or pursue new debt until old debt was retired.


While politicians in Washington, DC continue to blow a hole in the nation’s budget and run up massive amounts of debt, now over $17 trillion, Governor LePage is proving that with tough negotiating skills and putting taxpayers first, we can improve Maine.


Other highlights of Governor LePage’s successful fiscal policies include:

  • Protecting taxpayers in Maine’s welfare programs – since 2010, the number of welfare fraud indictments and complaints filed has doubled, as has the number of pleas and convictions.
  • Starting the very first website showing Maine taxpayers where your money is spent at
  • Passing an income tax exemption for active duty military pay earned outside of Maine.
  • Eliminated $1.7 billion pension deficit facing Maine taxpayers because you can’t pay a pension with an IOU.
  • Eliminating Maine’s marriage tax penalty and the alternative minimum tax by conforming to the federal standard.
  • Reforming the income tax deduction for senior citizens receiving pensions, saving them $20 million annually.
  • Encouraging job creation at the former Brunswick Naval Air Station and elsewhere by expanding the sales and use tax exemption to all aircraft repair and replacement parts.
  • Supporting a pay-back process for  $4 million owed to Maine towns and cities for  cleaning-up old landfills.
  • Saving small businesses from closing after the owner dies by doubling the death tax penalty exemption.
  • Instituting “zero-based budgeting” so agencies don’t just use last year’s budget figure for new budget requests but they actually review their programs for effectiveness and savings.
  • Implemented cost savings to wipe out a $1 million deficit in the Fire Marshall’s Office which resulted in a positive balance of over $1.5 million.
  • Negotiating seven contracts with four state employee labor unions that included reductions of unnecessary costs to Maine taxpayers and cost of living adjustments for state employees for the first time since 2009.
  • Creating the Office of Policy and Management to do internal government reviews to ensure efficient use of our tax dollars.
  • Achieving $30 million in personnel savings at the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Placing appointments at the housing authority that have dramatically reduced the cost of housing programs and increased their efficiency.
  • Introducing and signed legislation that requires the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the Office of the Public Advocate to post the annual costs of state policies that affect the price of electricity on their websites.
  • Signing legislation introducing competition for health insurance in Maine’s school districts when fully implemented is projected to save millions of dollars.
  • Defeating legislation that would have resulted in increased costs for automobile insurance.







May 21, 2013 PORTSMOUTH HERALD – Associated Press Article

Gov. LePage: Eliminate Maine’s income tax

Gov. Paul LePage says he wants to completely eliminate Maine’s income tax.  (He said) if re-elected he would make eliminating the state income tax a goal.