Creating Jobs for Working Maine People

Under Maine’s last Governor the unemployment rate in Maine was higher than the national average for some time. That has never happened under Governor LePage. We can’t turn back to the failed policies of the past.

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Working to End Domestic Violence

We all hear about it in our towns and cities. Too many violent Maine crimes are directly connected to domestic violence. It scars children and it scars our greater community. As a child Governor LePage faced homelessness after he left home because of terrible domestic violence. He knows all too well that to solve the problem we must take action.

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Cutting Wasteful Spending, Taxes and Debt

Shortly after taking office he solved a $1.3 billion operating budget shortfall – a hole left in Maine’s budget – with a biennial budget plan that eliminated the gimmicks of the past like furlough days and put in place budgeting priorities to create a more sustainable government.

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Reforming Welfare to Crack Down on Fraud & Help the Truly Needy

As our Governor, Paul is working hard to ensure welfare is there for those who truly need it … for those who need a hand up; not just for those who want a hand-out. Paul’s goal to make sure we protect the most vulnerable people in our society. We also must protect the hard-working taxpayers of Maine who fund welfare with their federal and state tax dollars.

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Protecting Constitutional Freedoms Including the 2nd Amendment

Governor LePage understands government authority comes from the people.  The government is there to work on behalf of the people – it is not the other way around.   Too many politicians put politics before the people.  For Governor LePage that is unacceptable.   Governor LePage’s goal is to ensure the government is there to …

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Safeguarding Maine’s Environment

Governor LePage was born and raised in Maine.  He and First Lady Ann LePage raised their kids here.   Paul LePage recognizes that Maine’s environment must be protected.  It is critical for our quality of life, for our children and our economy.  It is not only a treasurer for the citizens of Maine it is …

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Fixing our Roads & Bridges While Doing More with Less

Governor Paul LePage understands that our roads and bridges are critical for Maine families in getting to work, making sure our kids travel safely to and from school and for our small businesses to transport their goods to and from market.   With a successful background in business he has prioritized efficiency and a thoughtful …

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Improving Education for all Maine Children

Governor Paul LePage is committed to improving education so that every Maine child has a chance to succeed and earn a good living in the career field of their choice.   He believes it is critical to offer parents and students choices in their education and to recognize great teachers who deliver results for our …

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